Does your home have windows that needs repair? Maybe you’ve considered window replacement but haven’t committed to it yet. There may be a chance to repair your home’s old windows and get them back to working order. In this article I’ll go over some window repair Michigan tips that you can use to determine if you should repair your old windows are replace them. 

Window Repair Michigan Tips for Your Home

Although this article is mainly aimed at window repair Michigan it can be applied for anywhere. These tips can help you determine if you should repair your old windows or get new replacement windows in Michigan. There are also some tips on choosing your window contractor in Michigan as well.

Is Your Old Windows Single Pane?

Older windows may only have a single pane of glass. If your home has windows that are installed which only have a single pane of glass it’s a good idea to replace the windows. A single pane glass window has very low insulation rating which means that a massive amount of heating and cooling will be lost through the window. Changing the windows to more energy efficient windows can have a huge effect on your energy bill.

What Shape is the Frame of the Window?

There are several different materials used in the frames of windows today. Here are the most common:

While these are the materials used in window frames today there are also low quality frames made from other materials such as aluminum. If your home’s windows have aluminum frames you may want to consider changing the windows. Aluminum framed windows can deteriorate and be drafty when they become older. Any of the widow frame materials above are good choices for replacement windows in Michigan.

Broken Windows and Sashes

Many people think that once a double pane window glass is broken you will need to replace the window however you can sometimes repair the window. There are two types of windows that are installed in most homes in Michigan. The first is double hung windows and the second is single hung windows. Each can be repaired however, the double hung windows are usually more easily repaired. Sometimes single hung windows are molded together especially if they are economy windows. Replacing the glass or the sash (which is the glass unit with outside frame) is difficult and sometimes not possible. For double hung windows the windows repair Michigan is probably a good idea but not for single hung windows.

Many people think that once a double pane window glass is broken you will need to replace the window however you can sometimes repair the window.

If there is a problem with the grid  in the window you will need to replace the sash of the window. Sometimes the grids in windows will become dislodged and fall in some areas. If the grid is on the inside of the glass and sandwiched in the glass you’ll need to replace the sash.

Repair your Window in Michigan

Blown Window Sash in the Window

Another problem that can happen with the window sash is that is will be considered blown. When the seal between the two glass sheets in the sash loses it’s seal it will allow the compressed glass in the window to escape. Once this compressed gas escapes it allows condensation to enter. Once this happen the window will start to collect condensation on the inside of the glasses and then fog up. When the glass in a window is blown you’ll need to replace the sash of the window.

Should You Replace the Windows or Get Them Repaired?

When your home is in need of windows it’s always best to consult with a windows contractor in Michigan. Whether you need window repair Michigan or replacement windows in Michigan it’s best to check with a professional window installation contractor in Michigan. Here at Home Windows Michigan we feature some of the best windows contractors in Michigan. Contact one of our featured contractors below to discuss your windows needs and check on pricing for window repair Michigan or getting your windows replaced in Michigan. You can also request a free estimate from some of the window contractors below.