Does your windows need replacing? That’s a common question among home owners once the windows in their home start to get some age on them. Most people don’t know how long the windows in their homes are supposed to last. In fact, most people who have bought homes with windows already installed don’t know the age of the windows anyway. This article looks at some of the signs you need to look for to help determine if you need to replace your windows in Michigan.

When Should You Replace Your Windows in Michigan?

Most home owners don’t realize how long their windows are supposed to last. But, in reality, if you properly care for your windows and give them good maintenance they can last for decades. Some of the problems with older windows however is that they aren’t as energy efficient as newer models. The windows will still perform as they were designed to do but since they are not as energy efficient most would consider changing them. In this article I’ll look at some of the things you’ll want to consider when you are wanted to replace your windows in Michigan.

Replace Your Windows in Michigan

Wooden Windows Require Lots of Maintenance

Unlike vinyl windows wooden windows require a lot more maintenance. By not performing maintenance on these windows the windows will likely fail a lot sooner than expected. You’ll need to constantly make sure they are sealed and covered in paint. Leaving a wooden window exposed to the elements likely means it will fail. Glazing will also dry up and crack after a few years so many of the newer wooden windows contain vinyl strips to secure the glass.

When Should You Replace Your Windows in Michigan

A way to check wooden windows is to look closely at the frame of the window. If the window is starting to fail there will be signs of rot. Sometimes window sills can be replaced but it’s likely if your window has started rotting it’s time to change the window. Another enemy of wooden windows are insects. Ants, termites, and carpenter bees all pose a threat to wooden windows even if they are painted. Look for signs of insect damage to your windows in Michigan.

Vinyl Windows and Fiberglass Windows

Vinyl windows and fiberglass windows are much less maintenance then wooden windows however they can still fail if they are not properly maintained. Most of the problems with these sorts of windows are more to do with the sash and mechanics of the window rather than the material failing like with wooden windows.

Many times  the sash in a vinyl window will fail causing the window to be ‘blown’. The glass in the window is doubled. In between this glass is pressurized and once that seal is broken it allows condensation to enter between the glass. When that happens the glass will fog up with condensation. The window will be less energy efficient and looking out of it will be difficult. You can replace the sash in most modern windows as long as you get the same brand and model of the window.

Give the Window a Draft Test

Windows are one part of the house that can really have an effect on your energy costs. Older single pane windows were not very energy efficient and could let a lot of air into and out of a home. Windows that don’t have proper sealing around glides can also give a draft. On a windy day check around the window frame for drafts. You may be able to feel the wind with your hand. But you can also strike a match and blow it out then allow the smoke to rise around areas you think might be suspect. If you’re getting a draft then it may be time to replace your windows in Michigan. Be sure to check around areas that allow the window to move such as with latches and sliding channels. If these provide a lot of draft then maybe it’s time to replace your windows.

Get More Energy Efficient Windows

One thing that most home owners don’t really consider is how much money they will save on their energy costs if they decide to install more energy efficient windows in their homes. Replacing older less energy efficient windows with newer better windows could save you a lot of money on energy costs. Which is something to consider when checking your windows.