Today’s windows are made much different than windows from just a few decades ago. Buying a home that is older may mean you’re not taking advantage of the energy efficiency that windows made today offers. In this article I’ll explain energy efficient windows in Downriver Michigan to help you better understand what types and styles of windows you should have in your home. 

Energy Efficient Windows in Downriver Michigan Explained

Lots of people misunderstand the energy ratings on windows. Windows that feature the Energy Star rating doesn’t necessarily mean they are all equally energy efficient. That’s where most people tend to get lost. I’ll explain below how windows are rated so you can have a more energy efficient home. Installing energy efficient windows will also help on your energy bill which will save you money for years to come.

The Energy Star Rating on Windows

There are two different stickers on every window sold in the United States that you really want to pay attention to when buying windows for your home. The first is a blue and yellow sticker from the Dept of Energy. It’s the Energy Star label and lets the consumer know the climate zones in which the window is certified to be installed. If the window doesn’t have this sticker or the climate zone isn’t appropriate for your area then you should choose a different window.

The second sticker you need to be aware of is the NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) rating. This label is white in color and it’s the standard for all windows. The label doesn’t not rate on how the performs but rather it tells the consumer information about the window. If you are knowledgeable in window construction this label will provide loads of information that will allow you to compare windows. For the average consumer however, it may be a bit like foreign language.

The best way to rate the window is by the Energy Star rating. Windows are rated and allows to display the Energy Star logo when they have meet certain requirements of energy efficiency. You can also use this rating to compare windows and find the right window that will be the most energy efficient and the right price.

Cost Versus Energy Efficiency With Windows

One thing that you’ll want to consider when choosing Energy Efficient Windows in Downriver Michigan is the cost per window versus the cost of the lifetime of the window. Most windows that are extremely energy efficient will be more expensive. However, when you compare the lifetime cost of the window you may be surprised. An energy efficient window can save you money each month on your energy bill. And if the window lasts for a few decades, you’ll need to consider just how much it will save you over that time. That’s about the only way to compare energy efficient windows with lower standard windows.

By following these guidelines you should be able to choose the right energy efficient windows in Downriver Michigan for your home. Remember, to do the research yourself and inspect the labels rather than taking the word of the salesman.