If you’ve ever sit beside a window that has a draft then you know what sort of chill it can send through you on a cold Michigan night. Lots of homes have this problem and many home owners don’t really know how to fix them so I decided to write this article on fixing a drafty window in Grand Rapids Michigan so you don’t have to feel the chill of a drafty window.

Fixing a Drafty Window in Grand Rapids Michigan

Windows are one of the main areas in the home that allow air to escape or enter the home. Apart from your HVAC system they provide warmth and cooling for your home by using a greenhouse effect. Of course, when you have a drafty window, all of that goes out the window, literally. Fixing a drafty window in Grand Rapids Michigan isn’t as difficult as you might think and it only takes a few minutes.

Find Out Where the Draft is Coming From

The first step you’ll need to take is finding out where the draft is coming from. Is the home window letting air in around the the edge of the window or around the tracks of the window. Most times a window that is regularly put up and down will have wear that causes drafts around the tracks of the window. If your windows are drafty around the tracks it usually means you’ll need replacement windows in Michigan. Sealing around tracks will make the window immobile and the cost of repair will likely be the same as an entirely new window.

Fixing a Drafty Window in Grand Rapids Michigan

If however your windows was leaking air around the outside or casing of the window then repairing it is usually pretty simple. Most times when you have a drafty window around the casing the outer area of the window has likely lost it’s seal. The usually fix for this is to reapply a sealing substance to the outside the window. This is usually done with caulk that is applied to the area that is causing the leak.

Caulking a window will also seal it from allowing water to enter around the window as well. Be sure to check for rot if the window has been leaking for some time. You may also need to check for debris and possibly even mold if the leak allowed water to enter the home.

Check Wooden Window for Rot

A common problem with wooden windows is that they expand and shrink with the temperature. During this expanding and shrinking the paint and glazing on the window can crack and allow drafts to form. Wooden windows require more maintenance than vinyl windows because of this. If you have wooden windows in your home then be sure to check them each year for cracks. You may need to repaint the windows and add glazing to the window panes as well.

You can also get replacement windows in Grand Rapids Michigan that can replace the wooden windows with more energy efficient vinyl windows. And you won’t need to worry about that drafty window in Grand Rapids Michigan anymore. Be sure to check with any of the contractors listed below for more information.