As temperatures change outside of your home, you may notice that the temperature around your windows is different from the rest of your home. This is most obvious during the colder months when the rest of your home is warm, but cooler by your windows. There are some things you may be able to do or you may need to get replacement windows in Allen Park Michigan to remedy the problem. We’ll take a look at some of the things you may be able to do to stop those drafts and make your home more comfortable.

Drafty Windows in Allen Park Michigan? Here’s What to Do

When the temperature heats up or cools down it should not affect the areas around your windows. In fact, having more uniform heating and cooling in the home can help to disguise this problem as well. Most of the time, this temperature change is due to a draft coming in through your windows. To provide you with the best energy efficiency and to prevent cold spots in your home, you need to understand what causes window drafts.

Drafty Windows in Allen Park Michigan? Here's What to Do

A huge problem that many home owners don’t consider when they have drafty windows is the costs that are involved. Sure replacing your home windows will be costly but they can reduce your home’s energy bill each month which will save money over time. The longer you have drafty windows installed in your home the costs each and every month from increased energy usage will be apparent and will likely only get worse over time.

Old Age

Older windows have been through much more than newer installations, making the materials much weaker. As the materials weaken and lose their durability, they are more prone to problems like drafts. Seals are also older, making it easier for them to be broken and for air to slip through. Replacing your home windows with newer more energy efficient vinyl windows are usually a great choice.


Whether it is from exposure to the elements, or from impacts, damage is also another source of drafty windows. Common window damage like rotting, warping and molding can all occur when moisture is prevalent. When this occurs, it can break the seal, or create openings for air to get through.

Improper Installation

If windows aren’t installed currently, you are always going to have problems. That is why it is so crucial that an experienced professional handle the installation process. Without proper installation, there can be improper seals from the start and gaps for air to get in. it can also lead to moisture getting into your home to cause further damage like leaks and mold. One of the best window installation contractors in Allen Park Michigan is All Point Construction. They are fully licensed and insured and offer free estimates and financing for new replacement window installations.

Window Caulking Cracks

A relatively smaller fix when it comes to window drafts is cracking in the caulking. This can be verified by a professional and usually repaired with a reapplication. It is important to make sure that this is the actual problem first, however, because you don’t want to put too many layers on and build up that seal too much.

Not Enough Insulation

While not a problem with air coming through directly, many people can mistake drafts with a lack of insulation. Without proper insulation, you cannot create a barrier thick enough to separate the interior and exterior of your home. Insulation comes in two parts for windows.

The first is the insulation that is placed around your windows when they are first put in. This will be similar to the insulation in your roof and attic and adds more to block the temperatures inside and outside from mixing. There is also insulation in the actual pane of the window. This is accomplished by choosing a double or triple pane window. The thicker the pane of glass, and the more glass there is, the more insulation there will be.

Fixing Drafty Windows

There are some temporary fixes you can do to help cut down on the drafts. Draft stoppers can be installed at the bottom of the window to block air from moving through on either side. You can also consider plastic sheeting kits for adding insulation and blocking air from moving past a certain point. Ultimately, you will need to consider replacing the window to repair any underlying problems.