We all want to do our part for the planet but we sometimes overlook the most basic upgrades in our quest to be more energy efficient.  Thermal efficiency is seen as the most important upgrade home owners can make, replacing remodeling kitchens, creating storage space, and even safety. One of the most basic ways to become more thermally efficient is to upgrade and install replacement windows in Southgate Michigan.

The Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows in Southgate Michigan

Normal single paneled windows are not designed to regulate temperatures, but instead conduct heat and allow air to slip in and out if not properly sealed. This is an issue since it brings in hot air in the summer which causes air conditioners to work harder, while letting hot air out in the winter. When you upgrade to energy efficient windows in Southgate Michigan you not only regulate the temperature in your home, but has a whole host of other benefits as well. Making your home more energy efficient has many benefits including a higher resale value for your home if you decide to sell it later.

The Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows in Southgate Michigan

Why get energy efficient windows?

  1. It is good for the environment: If your home runs on fossil fuel, energy efficient windows will allow you to use less by keeping the home sealed and the temperature regulated. This means things like air conditioners don’t have to work as hard and heating is not wasted through windows.
  2. It saves you money: When your windows are properly sealed it means you don’t have to use heat, electricity or fuel more than necessary. What you use stays in the home and the windows themselves help keep the home at a normal temperature. These windows also let in more light so you don’t need to keep as many lights on.
  3. It betters your home in other ways: Especially in older homes, opting for new energy efficient windows are a great purchase for the future. Long term savings that come from these permanent solution windows means more money to put into your home into the future rather than energy bills. These windows allow for a more seamless and aesthetically pleasing look as well as the benefit from more light through the glass, less outside noise, and no maintenance or upkeep.
  4. It is multi-functional: Energy efficient windows aren’t just for your energy bill. Many window panels can also add UV protection to save your wall décor, drapes and wood floors to keep them from fading. It also adds some sound proofing.
  5. It increases resale value: New windows will increase the property value of your home as well. Basic vinyl windows can make up to 80% of your installation money back and add $12,000 to the asking price.

Parts of energy efficient windows

  • Double panel and Triple panel windows: The number of sheets of glass that make up the window. There are spaces in between each panel and these are sealed to increase efficiency and maintain the home’s climate.
  • Low E coatings: Low emissivity is the window’s ability to reflect ultraviolet and infrared rays rather than absorb them so the heat stays out while the sunlight comes in when coated with a thin metallic substance.
  • Glazers: The glass used in the window. Glazing coatings can greatly affect a window’s U-factor, or degree of protection against the temperature outside.
  • Gas fills: Made up of argon or krypton gas, the gas fillers are sandwiched between glazing layers to improve insulation and slow heat transfer.
  • Spacers: The separate sheets of glass in the window that improves insulating. The design and material are important to prevent condensation and heat loss.
  • Framing materials: To get the full benefits of the windows, you need to upgrade your frame as well. Aluminum is seen as the least efficient so try to choose from vinyl, wood, fiberglass or composite. Each have pros and cons so do some research and find which one is right for your climate and home needs.

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