Being able to enjoy the beautiful Michigan landscape can really make a house a home. Just imagine sipping on your favorite cup of coffee and staring out into the snow and ice laden trees. All while staying completely comfortable in your home. This is what custom bay windows in Downriver MI can do for you. All while increasing the value of your home and your time at home. 

Custom Bay Windows in Downriver MI Makes a Difference

Having a huge bay window that allows you to look out into the landscape is great. And since bay windows are extruded from the house a bit you can actually see much more than with a normal window. But having a custom bay windows designed and built the way you would like it can give you an experience that will certainly make you site at the windows staring out for hours at the time.

What Can You Do with A Bay Window?

One of the best custom bay windows in Downriver MI I’ve seen was a large bay window with an area to lounge at the bottom of the window. The floor was raised and pillows were added for comfort. You could sit in the bay window and relax and be surrounded by glass on 3 sides. All while you’re snug in the pillows and enjoying the furnace heat that keeps your home warm.

Will a Custom Bay Window Improve My Home’s Value?

While each bay window application is different the answer to this question is almost always yes. There are some circumstances when the bay windows are not built correctly or shoddy work and it may actually decrease the value of your home. In  most cases however, the value should increase.

How Difficult is Installing Bay Windows?

Typically installing custom bay windows in Downriver MI is a contractor project there are some things a homeowner can do if they already have a bay window and they just want to spruce up the area. Things like building a pedestal or adding flower boxes or other exterior items are usually done by the home owners. Installing a bay window is not an easy task. In fact, you may even need to get a permit to install a new bay window in your home. Either way, you’ll likely need to speak with a contractor to get your new custom bay windows in Downriver MI installed. But believe me, when you stand staring out the window at the beautiful Michigan landscape.

The Style of the Bay Window Will Have a Big Impact on Price

There are a few different styles of bay windows you can choose from. And which one you choose will have a big impact on the price you are going to pay for the window. There is something to keep in mind when getting custom bay windows in Downriver MI however and that is whether or not you will be close to the window after it’s installed. If so, then pick a window that has good insulation to keep the cold out so it won’t feel drafty while you’re sitting at the window.