Do you need new windows in Michigan? Before you spend hundreds of dollars on windows for your home there are a few tips that you’ll need to know. Listed in this article are 5 ‘must know’ tips that you’ll want to consider whenever you’re buying windows for your home. These tips can be used for replacement windows and for new installation windows as well. 

5 ‘Must Know’ Tips When Buying New Windows in Michigan

Some of these tips are for replacement windows only but knowing them can still help you in determining the right windows for your home.

1. Resist High Pressure Sales Tactics That Cause You To Act on an Impulse

Your home is something that you will live in for years to come. Don’t let a high pressure salesperson talk you into something that you may not enjoy looking at for years. Be weary of someone who tries to ‘close the deal’ very quickly. A good window company will hear out your concerns and questions and attempt to provide answers rather than a sales pitch.

2. As With Everything Else, You Get What You Pay For

If you get low budget windows for your home in Michigan then chances are you’re going to pay higher heating costs. Many times low budget windows are not as insulated and much less energy efficient. You’ll need to consider the increase in heating costs during those cold Michigan winters and cooling costs in the Summer as well. Calculated over a number of years and you may be better off buying more energy efficient windows even if they cost more initially. You’ll save money later.

3. Find Out What Type and Brand Windows You Currently Have

Replacing just a few windows in your home can look very awkward if they don’t match. Most windows will look very similar until they are placed close to each other. Then the differences comes shining out. Different molding patterns and the style and placement of grids in the windows are two of the most noticeable things when comparing windows.

A great way to keep the type and style of windows you have now is by taking a photo with your cell phone. Then when you’re at the home improvement store or warehouse you can hold your phone up side by side with the replacement windows. This should give you  a pretty good idea of how similar they are.

4. Ask About the Windows Warranty

Too many times people will purchase windows without even thinking about something happening to the window. There may be an occasional broken window if you’ve got kids in your neighborhood but what happens if condensation starts to form inside the panes? You’ll need to inquire if failings such as this are covered in the warranty. Plus, you’ll also want to learn about the “double-lifetime” warranty that some manufacturers offers. It can cover the windows after you’ve sold the home to a new buyer. Be sure to ask to also get the warranty in writing when getting new windows in Michigan.

5. Determine if You Really Need New Windows

Replacement windows can be costly to install. Be sure the current windows you have in your home is not performing like they should. Just because a window isn’t broken doesn’t mean it’s in good shape. Cold air drafts and noise coming from the windows can be a sign that it needs to be replaced. Replacing windows with newer energy efficient windows in Michigan can save as much as 38% on heating costs alone. Plus, your home’s value will likely increase with new window installation.