If you are thinking of buying new windows for your home, you may be wondering about the different styles of windows in Downriver, MI. There are definitely many different styles of windows to choose from and which style you choose will depend on a few things such as budget and taste. In this article, you will find the different styles of windows in Downriver, Michigan and a brief description of each style.Styles of windows in downriver mi

Styles of Windows in Downriver MI

Special Shape Windows

The first style of windows we will take a look at are the special shape windows. These windows pretty much speak for themselves. These windows come in curve shape, triangle shape, springline shape, half circle shape, and a lot more. You can have these windows customized to your liking. The design possibilities with these windows are endless.

Bay Windows

The bay windows are pretty.  These windows are usually a fixed window in the middle that is joined by venting windows on each side. The venting windows are the style you choose.

Sliding Windows

The sliding windows are also pretty. If you want more of an opening, these windows would be great. The sliding windows slide horizontally to open. You can choose the color and style you want.

Single Hung Windows

Next up on the list of styles of windows in Downriver MI, are the single hung windows. These windows come in 8 different wooden finishes. They are raised for the bottom to provide you with ventilation. You can choose the style and color you want. These windows are real simple but beautiful.

Double Hung Windows

These windows are similar to the single hung windows except for there’s two. These windows can be raised from the bottom or the top which will provide you with more ventilation. You also have many styles and colors to choose from with the double hung windows.

Casement Windows

The casement windows open and close by turning the handle. Many people choose these windows for places in their home that are hard to reach. For example, many install these windows over the kitchen sink. It’s convenient because it is often hard to reach over the sink to open the window and with these windows, you simply turn the handle.

Awning Windows

The awning windows also have a handle for easy opening. Most people install this type of window over other windows or under windows to add to the beauty and to provide more light.

As you can see, there are many styles of windows in Downriver, MI. You can also have windows made just for you. These are known as custom windows. With so many windows to choose from, it really comes down to which style you like the best, which style would look the best in your home, and the amount of money you have to spend in the windows. Windows aren’t cheap by any means, but some of these windows are quite costly. To learn more about windows, see our other articles on Home Windows Michigan. If you have a question, please feel free to contact us!