Let’s face it: your windows aren’t going to last a lifetime. That being said, it’s important you know how to tell when it’s time for a window replacement. So, continue reading to learn more about five of the most common signs you should replace your windows in Canton Michigan!

5 Surefire Signs it’s Time for a Window Replacement in Canton Michigan

For the most part, many home owners never consider whether the windows in their homes are performing as they should. Many times, the only time windows are opened is during a spring cleaning event and most of us now have HVAC systems in place to keep our homes comfortable. The only time we consider our windows is when an accident happens and it gets broken or starts leaking. However, there are some things older windows will suffer even when you think they may be okay. Here are some signs you’ll need replacement windows in Canton Michigan for your home.

5 Surefire Signs it’s Time for a Window Replacement in Canton Michigan

  1. Energy Efficiency

Durable functioning windows have premium energy efficiency. Basically, this means you won’t be able to feel the weather outside from the inside of your home, which in turn means you can regulate the temperature of the inside of your home with your air conditioner or heater.

Unfortunately, when windows begin to age and deteriorate this energy efficiency goes away. Instead of keeping the outside weather from penetrating into the inside of your home, your windows will let air flow freely every which way. This often causes an increase in energy bills because you will feel more inclined to crank the air conditioner or heater more than you normally would.

  1. Painted Shut

If your windows are older and you repaint them every few years or so, then you might have this problem. While repainting your windows every year ensures the paint remains fresh and updated, the paint could potentially become similar to glue and seal your windows shut.

Obviously, windows aren’t as functional and useful if you can’t open and close them as you please. Not being able to easily open your windows is also a safety hazard. While you could always attempt to scrape off the paint, getting a window replacement is a better option.

  1. Unable to Stay Open

As windows age, it might become harder to keep them open without using a tool or something to prompt them open. Similar to if your windows are painted shut, if your windows are unable to stay open, this poses a safety hazard as well as being inconvenient.

Unfortunately, there’s really no other option to fixing windows that won’t stay open other than getting a window replacement.

  1. Cracks or Damages

One of the easiest ways to detect if it’s time for a window replacement is looking at the cosmetic quality of your windows. Windows that are old, deteriorating, and low performance will often have cracks, scratches, and other damages.

Even if you notice small cracks and damages, you should consider getting a window replacement. After all, an influx of small cracks and damages is an indication your windows are vulnerable. This means you are more at risk for potential break ins, accidents, and similar incidents.

  1. Faulty Locks

Lastly, if locking your windows is a struggle, then it’s time to get a window replacement. Ultimately, your window’s locks are the most important security aspect of your windows. After all, they prevent unwanted people and animals from breaking in and allow your windows to be properly sealed, so they can keep things such as inclement weather from entering your home.

On the other hand, you might have a problem with unlocking your windows. Obviously, this is also a safety hazard because you never know when you might need to open your windows to let extra air flow in or to escape your home. The last thing you want to do in an emergency is have to spend a ton of extra time fumbling with a faulty lock, so get a window replacement as soon as possible.

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