Replacing the windows on your home is a major home improvement project and one that you shouldn’t take lightly. In fact, replacing the windows in your home with newer, more energy efficient vinyl windows is one of the most common home improvement projects because of increased energy savings. But while having vinyl replacement windows installed in your home by a licensed Ann Arbor Michigan windows contractor there are some things that you’ll need to consider and your choices on these can help your home’s value tremendously. I’ll go over the top three things you’ll need to consider when getting vinyl replacement windows in Ann Arbor Michigan. 

3 Things You’ll Need to Consider When Getting Vinyl Windows in Ann Arbor Michigan

Although vinyl windows made today are much more efficient and have many more advancements than those made just a few decades ago, still many people don’t understand some of the choices they have when getting vinyl replacement windows installed in their homes. While getting windows replaced in your home may seem like a good idea, if you choose windows that are the same or not much better than the windows that are currently installed in your home they won’t do much good. Some of the choices may seem unimportant but the outcome of the project is determined by how much value you add to the home which these choices can have a significant impact.

3 Things You'll Need to Consider When Getting Vinyl Windows in Ann Arbor Michigan


Number of Layers of Glass in the Windows

The first windows that were manufactured had only a single pane of glass. While this opened the interior of the home to the outside world letting in light while still keeping the temperature inside better it didn’t do much more energy efficiency. Single pane windows were replaced by a much more common today, two pane window system. Whereas two panes of glass are placed a small distance from each other and pressurized with an inert gas. This increases the insulation factor of the window tremendously which is really good for energy efficiency. The number of glass panes in the window sash has increase from two to three panes now and triple pane windows are available at a higher costs. Some of the advantages of triple pane windows are better energy efficiency as well as better noise protection. If you live near a noisy area, you can reduce the noise a lot by installing triple pane windows.

Colors, Sizes, and Styles of Replacement Windows

Most people are under the impression that vinyl windows only come in a single style and design which is white. While most vinyl windows are white it certainly isn’t the only style or design. In fact, vinyl windows today come in a plethora of styles and colors to choose from. If your home currently has wooden windows you can even replace those with vinyl windows that have a wood veneer coating to give them the wooden windows look. You get the great appearance of wooden windows with the low maintenance of vinyl windows.

How Energy Efficient is the Replacement Windows

The biggest factor you’ll need to look at when selecting vinyl replacement windows is the energy rating of the windows. All windows and doors sold in the United States today must have the energy efficiency rating displayed on the window. This gives you a much better idea of just how energy efficient the windows you want for your home will perform. Plus, it can help you better determine just how much of a return on investment you’ll get by installing higher quality, more energy efficient windows.

Who Will Install the Windows in Your Ann Arbor MI Home?

Choosing the best windows for your home with the perfect finish and all the bells and whistles that are added is great, provided they are installed correctly. Installing vinyl windows in your home is a huge home improvement project and should only be done by qualified, professional window installation companies.

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