Replacement windows in Downriver Michigan are an incredibly popular home improvement project for homeowners. With a large return on your investment, greater energy efficiency, increased value to your home and added curb appeal, there are plenty of benefits to love. But one company is becoming more popular than the others among homeowners. Pella ThermaStar is a relatively new name in the game, and when you look at the company, it is easy to see why so many people are choosing them.

Why Homeowners Are Choosing Pella ThermaStar For Their Replacement Windows in Downriver Michigan

Pella has been widely known for the amazing home window products. In fact, they are fast becoming Michigan’s number one home window manufacturer. With superior products that are affordable and look great it’s easy to see why so many people are turning to Pella for their home improvement products especially when it comes to vinyl windows. Many homeowners get confused when it comes to getting new replacement windows installed however and really don’t know what to look for or what the ratings mean. It’s best to have a full consultation with a reputable window installation contractor about the windows you want to have installed in your home.

A licensed and qualified contractor will explain some of the pros and cons of each type of window. It’s important to consider the energy efficiency of the window, noise factor, and appearance when selecting windows for your home. Here are some tips to help you better choose replacement windows in your Downriver Michigan home:

Why Homeowners Are Choosing Pella ThermaStar For Their Replacement Windows in Downriver Michigan

Different Kind of Installation

Rather than simply removing and replacing your windows, Pella constructs them right onto your home. This provides you with a greater seal, more secure installation and a better overall look. However, to install the windows you will need to secure them directly to the house sheathing, underneath the siding. This means that the best time to install these windows is when you are replacing your home’s siding.

Plenty of Styles

While Pella windows only come in white, they come in almost every style available. This means you can choose between the classic single or double-hung windows, or go for something newer like awning, casement or slider. Bay and bow windows are also available, and you can combine two standard- sized windows into one place. You can also customize your window order with specialty sizes and shapes.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Most windows are a single pane of glass separating the interior and exterior of your home. All Pella windows are a double-pane design with an argon gas filling between them. This means that you get much more separation between either side of your windows and can drastically lower heating and cooling costs. You can also consider their low-E coating as an additional feature to help reduce the amount of heat gained through your windows.

Great Support

Pella has one of the best warranties of any window company with a limited lifetime guarantee. This is because of their high level of craftsmanship and confidence in their product. If you have any issues, you can contact support for help and rest assured that it will be handled professionally. Because the windows are tailor made to your specific home, you get exactly what you need, rather than having to settle for what is available.


In addition to all the great features of Pella windows, you can also expect affordability. This is because Pella utilizes wood to construct their windows, rather than materials like vinyl. That means you are getting a discount with the materials, without sacrificing on quality. Because the windows are also made for your home, rather than before, you save on manufacturing and shipping costs.

Where to Find Pella Windows

If you think Pella windows are the right option for your home, it’s best to talk with a contractor who is properly endorsed by Pella Windows & Doors. One home improvement contractor that is full endorsed by Pella and offers window installation service in Downriver Michigan is All Point Construction. Call them today at 734-407-7110 to get a free consultation about your home’s window project and also get free pricing estimates for your replacement windows. All Point Construction is a fully licensed and insured home improvement contractor in Downriver Michigan.