When you need new or replacement windows in your home don’t fall victim to high pressure sales tactics. Getting a quote for replacement windows in Michigan can be tricky when speaking to some sales people. Check out this guide so that you don’t have to live with replacement windows that you don’t actually want because your sales person talked you into it.

Before You Get a Replacement Windows Beware of these High Pressure Sales Tactics

We’ve all been in a spot when a clever sales person talked us into something that we may not have wanted but felt pressured to buy. While most products that we buy this way don’t affect us in our daily lives there are some that has a huge impact. One of these times is when you’re forced to choose replacement windows for your home.

Replacement windows will be installed in your home and you’ll be looking at and through them for years to come. Don’t get caught up in high pressure sales tactics and get forced into buying something that you might now enjoy.

Here’s How to Avoid Some of the High Pressure Sales Tactics You’ll Encounter when Buying Replacement Windows in Michigan

“That will look amazing on your home!”

Every salesperson is going to say their product would look great in your home. I mean, have you ever seen one who doesn’t? Don’t take the word of the salesperson on how a window will look in your home. Try to picture it yourself and even ask some of your family or friends to give their opinion.

“We Will Soon Sell Out of This Style”

A good salesperson will inject an amount of scarcity into their pitch in order to close a deal. If you feel that this is something that the sales person is doing then you’ll need to counter and let them know that you can look elsewhere. Typically, a salesperson will tell you a particular model is going out of production (which is bad in case you need to replace a window later) or that a sale or discount can be applied for a limited time. Don’t be too aggressive however if you’re attempting to get windows at a lower cost.

“I’m giving up part of my commission to get you this deal”

Sales people often work on commission. It’s how they make money and pushing something that pays more commission is something everyone of them will do. If a salesperson is pushing a certain style of replacement windows on you it maybe because the commission for them is higher. Some salespeople are able to cut down on their commissions to give you a better price.

“I’ll be here to make sure everything works out okay”

Always get any sort of warranties or extras in writing. the sales person can promise a lot but make sure you get it in writing. Getting replacement windows in Michigan means you’re likely going to need installation and a good warranty in case anything goes wrong.

I hope these tips helps you find good replacement windows for your home. Be sure to comment below on sales tactics that you may have encountered when getting a quote on replacement windows in Michigan.