If you are looking for home improvement projects to help improve the value of your home, you have probably gone through the standard list already. Fresh coats of paint can make your home look newer, roof repairs and replacements can provide more security and efficiency, and additions can make your home more desirable. But if your really want to get your home’s value to increase, you should look into replacement windows in Downriver Michigan.

How Window Replacement in Downriver Michigan Can Improve The Value Of Your Home

There are many different home improvement projects you can do for your home to increase the value. In fact, most home improvement projects will add value to your home somehow. Many can make it more functional or safe while other home improvement projects can make it look better or become more energy efficient. Not many home improvement projects will do all of these things however. The exception is replacing your old windows with newer, more modern replacement windows. We’ll go over just what the advantages of getting replacement windows installed in your Downriver Michigan home and what you can expect in the years to come from these windows.

As your windows age, they become less capable of doing their job. In addition to old and out of date materials, new technology is available to make your home’s windows even better. This means that you aren’t just getting new windows, but also getting all the benefits of the newer designs. The technology used to manufacture windows for your home today are much better than those made just 15 to 20 years ago.

How Replacement Windows in Downriver Michigan Can Improve The Value Of Your Home

How It Increases Your Home’s Value

There are three main ways that replacement windows increase your home’s value.


Replacement windows don’t have to be exactly what you have now. It is a perfect time to look into different sizes, shapes and styles to make your home more aesthetically pleasing. The more appealing your home is to the eye, the better your curb appeal. That can easily make your home worth more.

You can customize your windows to get exactly what you want, and there are plenty of options out there. Shapes like squares, rectangles, hexagons and circles are all available, and can come in almost any size. If you choose a material like vinyl you can also choose almost any color or pattern to have on your window frames.

Styles of windows range from the picture style of bow or bay, to the standard double hung. You can opt for something that will offer a lot of natural light and a perfect view, or something functional to give you more airflow. You can do just about anything with your home’s window.

Energy Efficiency

Efficiency is one of the best part of replacement windows. Not only do you get brand new materials and seals, but also have the option to add other features for greater efficiency. This includes being able to have double or triple pane windows with gas filling in between. The gas is typically argon or krypton and is denser than air. This makes it harder for the air inside and outside your home to mingle and get through your windows. That leads to greater temperature regulation in your home.

You can save around 19 percent on your monthly energy bills in the summer, and 25 percent in the winter. This means you have extra money in your pocket and can recoup most your investment. You also increase your home’s value up to 80 percent of the cost of the windows, and make it more desirable to buyers.

Security and Safety

New windows are able to provide you with greater security because of the superior design. Not only are they designed to be easier to clean, but the locks and overall construction makes it harder for anyone to get in. Crank operated windows can make it safer and easier to open and close your windows as you need, and there is also greater sound reduction.

Get a Quote on New Windows

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