Windows serve many roles in your home, keeping outside noises out, insulating, and giving natural sunlight to dark rooms of your home, all while boosting the curb appeal of your home and the beauty of it. So it’s important to keep your home windows in Wyandotte Michigan well maintained, whenever a problem occurs to them such as leaking, then you’ll want to figure out what has caused the issue and fix it immediately. If your windows are compromised by a leak, you could find more and more damage happening out of nowhere, and fast too.

Common Signs That Your Home Windows in Wyandotte Michigan Are Leaking

Leaking windows is a pest and finding out if your windows are leaking isn’t the simplest of tasks, but it’s very doable. There’s signs that leaking windows will leave behind that can help you determine if your home’s windows have sprung a leak. We’re written a list on things you can search for around your window that can help you seek out if your windows are leaking, many of things that we’re going to mention are telltale signs, but there is some sneaky ones that can misdirect you, so make sure to read along carefully as you check your windows.

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Yellowed Frames

A pretty obvious sign of a leaking window is discoloration or yellowing on the windows frames, this is typically because water begins to stain it. If you notice any parts of your window frame have become yellowed, search in that particular area, you may be able to spot the culprit that way. If not, moving onto number 2 is your best bet then maybe coming back to this.

Rotted Wood

This is a pretty obvious telltale sign that your window is leaking and typically means it’s been leaking for awhile. If any of the wood on the frame of your window or around it has begun to rot, then you’re definitely looking at moisture damage. This should definitely be fixed by a professional as rotting wood could be further than just your window, so you may have more damage than just what you can see.

Moisture Seeping In

The most obvious sign that your window has a leak, is visually being able to see moisture coming through the outside of your window. We had to include this one, even though it’s so obvious. If you notice moisture coming in, try soaking it up and calling a professional window contractor to have your window fixed.

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Condensation On Your Windows

If you notice that your windows are suffering from condensation, then you could be in trouble. As condensation could mean the seals around your windows have failed and allowed water to get trapped between your glass panes in your home’s windows. Have a professional inspect your windows and determine if this is the culprit.

Paint Is Peeling

If your window has paint on it or the paint on your home’s walls are beginning to peel, then it could be because water has penetrated the paint and begun peeling it away. This can be caused by a window leak and needs to be addressed quickly as it will only become worse and worse.

Unpleasant Odors

If you’ve ever had water sit on something in a damp area and left it there for a while, then you probably know the unpleasant odor it can produce. If you can smell that odor near your window, then it could be because mold is growing or that moisture is trapped in a damped area inside of your window. This could be a sign that your windows have begun leaking.

Deteriorating Drywalls

If you’ve had a leak that’s been present for a while and has become severe, then you may notice that the drywall underneath your window may be deteriorating. Water coming in and seeping into the drywall will definitely deteriorate it and could potentially cause problems with your electrical.

Window leaks can be a huge problem for your window, they can compromise your windows completely and damage other aspects around your windows. So it’s important to keep up with the maintenance for your home’s windows and have window leaks fixed immediately, this way you won’t face any problems. Consider hiring a professional to figure out the current state of your window and to have them repaired. One of the best in Wyandotte Michigan is All Point Construction. Call them today at (734) 407-7110 for a free consultation.