There are many different window frame materials available today. And over the past few decades more and more materials have been introduced which have some great features. Being able to find the perfect windows for your home which have the aesthetics, value, maintenance requirements, and more can be tough. However, knowing the difference in some of the more popular replacement windows in Ann Arbor Michigan can give you a better idea and help you to make a better choice on your windows for your home. 

What’s the Difference? Aluminum vs Vinyl Windows in Ann Arbor Michigan

It’s the ultimate window material showdown: aluminum versus the ever popular vinyl windows in Ann Arbor Michigan. Whether you’re passionate about home improvement and design, or a homeowner researching about windows, you most likely know that vinyl and aluminum are two of the most popular window materials.

So, which material is better suited for you and your Ann Arbor Michigan home? Continue below to learn about the differences between vinyl and aluminum windows!

What’s the Difference? Aluminum vs Vinyl Windows in Ann Arbor Michigan

Appearance of the Windows

Although you could use vinyl or aluminum with virtually any window style, vinyl tends to have a thicker frame, which means the finish and overall design appeal leans more towards a traditional style. Plus, vinyl can offer better wooden appearance windows with veneer coatings.

On the other hand, aluminum tends to have a thinner and smoother frame. This creates a sleeker finish that ultimately propels a more modern appearance. Often, contemporary architecture and commercial applications uses aluminum windows.


Vinyl is essentially the more durable material when it comes to cosmetic damages. For example, vinyl windows in Ann Arbor Michigan are less likely to develop dents and corrosion. On the other hand, aluminum is more prone to color changes caused by sun exposure and corrosion from salty air.

In terms of functional durability, aluminum is stronger than vinyl. This is because aluminum is designed with a premium level of impact resistance. That’s why aluminum is the perfect window option for people who want large windows or live in an area that experiences a moderate amount of inclement weather. Lower quality aluminum window frames can be dented by hail or other storm damage however and should be avoided.


If you want windows in Ann Arbor Michigan that require little to no maintenance, then choose vinyl as your window material. Of course, you should regularly clean your vinyl windows and schedule routine services, so they stay in tip top shape. But other than that, you don’t have to worry about maintaining your vinyl windows.

Contrary to vinyl windows, aluminum windows require moderate maintenance. This is mostly due to aluminum’s lack of durability for cosmetic damages. So, be prepared to use a specially designed window cleaner on a regular basis to prevent condensation, rust, and mold. Also, you will need to routinely repaint and re-coat your aluminum windows.

Energy Efficiency

Although aluminum windows are extremely durable, they aren’t that great in energy efficiency department. When compared, vinyl windows have a higher energy efficiency than aluminum windows. This is largely due to the fact that vinyl’s composition reduces heat. In other words, vinyl has a great insulation quality.

On the other hand, aluminum conducts air, specifically heat. This means that you will most likely have to crank up your AC more than you normally would, which would ultimately result in higher energy bills. Be sure to check the energy efficiency rating that is displayed on all windows sold today to help you determine the better window for your needs.


In order to give you a general glimpse of the price differences between vinyl and aluminum windows, let’s look at some numbers. Research shows that vinyl is approximately 30% cheaper than aluminum. When you apply this percentage to an average home with six windows, you could expect to pay just a little more than $3,000 for a vinyl window replacement. On the other hand, an aluminum window replacement would cost approximately $4,500. Oh, and that’s just the price of materials. So, you would still have to pay for labor.


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