If you’ve come to the decision of adding new replacement windows to your Ann Arbor home this article may be able to help you. As you may know many of the newer windows that are available today have improved dramatically over windows made just a decade ago. If your windows are older than ten years old then considering getting them replaced is a good idea. This article will look at some of the reasons why you may need to get replacement windows in your home even if your windows are performing the way they should. 

5 Reasons You May Need Window Replacement in Ann Arbor Michigan

5 Reasons You May Need Window Replacement in Ann Arbor Michigan

One of the main things to consider when getting replacement windows in Ann Arbor is that they can be installed in areas of your home that are front facing. Meaning that you may want to only replace windows in the front of the home or back of the home. If you’ve recently replaced the windows in your home be sure to consider the features that are addressed below to learn more about how they may be able to help your home look better. So I have listed 5 reasons why you may need window replacement in Ann Arbor below.

New Windows Have Much Lower Energy Costs

One of the biggest features of new windows is their energy efficiency. Each and every new window made today has an energy rating so you can determine which window is more energy efficient. Comparing these newer windows with the energy ratings of the windows you currently have in your home can give you a better idea of how much savings you’ll have. For older windows that are much less energy efficient you can likely save enough money on your energy bills to pay for the replacement windows.

Replacement Windows are Better on the Environment

Since newer replacement windows are more energy efficient you’ll be using less power to heat and cool your home. Windows that can save energy help to reduce the impact on the environment through lower energy usage. Most older windows can be recycled as well.

Replacement Windows are Easier to Maintain and Clean

Having windows that don’t allow the sash to be opened to the inside of the home can make cleaning them very difficult. Replacement windows that are double hung can be easily tilted in so that they exterior of the window can be cleaned easily. This is extremely good for windows that are on the second floor where cleaning them from the outside without ladders or special tools is difficult. When getting replacement windows installed be sure to ask for double hung windows.

Replacement Window in Ann Arbor MI

Higher Home Value and More Curb Appeal

A great way to add value to your home is by adding replacement windows. The clean look and feel of the windows can also add a lot of curb appeal to your home. You may also be able to get a tax credit for installing energy efficient windows in your home which can also increase the value of adding replacement windows.

Improved Comfort Inside the Home

One of the most overlooked features of getting replacement windows installed in your home is how it makes the home more comfortable. You won’t need to worry about drafts of air coming from the windows and with newly insulated glass you can be sure that the weather from outside doesn’t make it to the inside of the home. Another great feature of replacement windows that aren’t mentioned a lot is their ability to block UV light. This is especially good on walls that face the sunlight for extended periods. You can stop the greenhouse effect in your home by installing windows that are designed to block these UV rays and cut down on green house effects and make the room of the home much more enjoyable and comfortable.

If you’re ready to get replacement windows installed in your home it’s best to first get an estimate on the windows. Any of the Ann Arbor Michigan window contractors featured here at Home Windows Michigan can help you and offer an estimate on replacing some or all of your home’s windows. Click on the link to a certified home improvement contractor below to learn more.