The windows in your home are very important when it comes to just how energy efficient the home is. Although windows can open our view to the outside world and let light in they can also cause our homes to be much less energy efficient. Even with more modern windows there may be problems that aren’t that apparent which causes the energy efficiency of the window to dramatically decrease costing you more in energy costs each and every day. We’ve listed some things you should look for with your home windows to help determine if they are performing as they should or if you should get a window installation company in Ann Arbor Michigan to come out and inspect or repair your windows. 

Are Your Windows Energy Efficient? If They Have One of These Problems They May Not Be

Window construction is much different than it was just a few decades ago. While windows remained the same for a few hundred years, the leaps and bounds made by window manufacturers over the past few decades have really made the energy efficiency of windows much better. In fact, many of the windows manufactured today will outperform those made just 20 years ago, even if they are in great shape. But what may even be worse is the windows in your home may already be failing and you don’t even realize it. Be sure to look for the following signs to determine if the windows in your Ann Arbor Michigan home should be replaced:

Are Your Windows Energy Efficient? If They Have One of These Problems They May Not Be

Older Windows May Need to Be Replaced

Windows that are older may have out lived their useful life. Sometimes, even if the window is in great shape it’s still not energy efficient. A good example of this would be single pane windows. Single pane windows were installed in many homes that are older than 20 years old. Single pane windows are not energy efficient at all and replacing them is likely a good idea.

Is The Window Frame in Good Shape?

The frame of the window needs to be inspected carefully. Sometime the window frame can become the cause of a draft. The window frame may warp and open a seal in the window which allows air to enter the home. You may also see a water leak around the window when this happens as well. If you notice a brownish looking water stain around the window chances are the window frame is leaking. Another common cause of drafts in older windows is the track starts to wear and allow air to enter. Look for drafts around a window using smoke from a match to determine if there is an air leak.

You’ll also want to carefully inspect window frames that are made from wood. Wood can rot and cause the window frame to leak air. You may also have insect damage with the wooden window frames as well. Since wood is a high maintenance window frame it may be a good idea to replace these windows with a vinyl window alternative.

Does the Glass Appear Foggy or Have Cracks?

Today’s home windows are created with multiple panes of glass. Two and three pane windows are not pretty standard and single pane windows are not common. The panes of glass in these windows are separated by air space which is pressurized with an inert gas for better insulation. When the seal on the window panes breaks either because the glass cracks or the seal simply fails it allows the inert gases to escape. Once this happens, air can enter between the glass along with moisture. Once this moisture enters between the glass it usually shows up as condensation between the glass panes which makes the window appear foggy. Sometimes just the insert can be replaced without replacing the entire window.

How Safe Are Your Home’s Windows?

You home’s windows should operate freely and easily. Make sure your windows open as they should and stay open without any support. In case of an emergency situation the windows can be used for escape from the home. Also check the locking mechanisms on the windows to ensure they work as they should. Dual tamper resistant locks are now standard on home windows.

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