Have your windows become broken or damaged in some way? Accidents happen from time to time and windows get broken. But sometimes replacing windows can be extremely difficult. And even worse, they could also be dangerous when you’re not properly trained. This article will look at some of the tips and information needed for window repair Michigan.

Why do You Need Window Repair Michigan?

There are many reasons why you may need to get your windows replaced. I’ll list out a few reasons why you would want to replace your windows below:

Broken or damaged panes or sashes

If you have kids that love to play baseball like mine do then you’re going to have the occasional broken pane or sash. Fixing this is sometimes simple but if done wrong it may hurt your energy efficiency of your window.

On many sashes and panes of the windows there are actually two or sometimes 3 plates of glass. Between these plates of glass there is usually pressurized gas. The gas can be different types including oxygen, argon, xenon, and Krypton. So replacing the inner or out plate doesn’t include replacing the gas in the window. Gas pressurizing can only be done at the factory so if you need to replace a pane or sash that is pressurized then you’ll need to get a replacement from the factory.

You’ll also need to match the type of gas that was in the window originally. Some gases have a higher energy rating and are made for more energy efficiency. Replacing the sash or pane with a different gas will bring the rating for the entire window down.

Also note the tint rating on the original window. If you’re just replacing the sash or pane you’ll need to make sure it’s the same tint rating as the original. This will be very noticeable if they are different.

Mold Around the Window 

Having mold growing in your home can be dangerous. If your windows have mold growing in the bottom of the window seal you may have a water leak. Typically if the leak is around the window it can be repaired using caulking or another type of sealant.

Another area that sometimes gets overlooked is condensation from the window or window frame. With enough condensation pooling in the window you may have mold growth. This is very frequent when you have windows in areas of high heat and humidity such as a laundry room.

Mold can be dangerous to your health so if you notice this you’ll need to get your windows repaired as soon as possible.

Foggy or Water inside Panes

When a seal breaks on a window sash or pane it will allow condensation to collect inside the window. Once this occurs the windows can become very foggy or have droplets inside the window. If this has occurred you’ll need to replace the sash just like if it was broken.

When Changing Your Windows

Repairing windows can be a relatively easy task but by not knowing what sort of problem you have you could open your home up to many more problems. When you repair your windows make sure to follow the guidelines above.