One of the greatest parts of owning a home is staring out your windows at any given point of the day. You may judge how your whole day will pan out based on what you see when you wake up and hope to see sunshine beaming through your bedroom. It can certainly bring you down if you wake up and have a jagged and dangerous hole in your wall where your favorite sneak peek into the world used to be. But when you have failing windows that look foggy, allow a draft, and overall make the room less comfortable, it may be time for a change. We’ll go over some reasons why you may need to get replacement windows in Trenton Michigan for your home below.

When Should You Get Replacement Windows in Trenton Michigan?

The national average cost of having a window replaced is $700. This is an average between the low and higher end costs. It will vary depending on the type of window you are purchasing and the design of your home. The reasons for replacing your windows do vary more than simply having cracks or shatters. So what are the reasons windows should get replaced?

When Should You Get Replacement Windows in Trenton Michigan?

Warped Window

When the frame around your window absorbs moisture it will cause your frame to warp. These warps leave cracks in the windowsill that can allow heat to escape your home and allow insects and rodents in. Though you can temporarily fix warped windows, you will have to eventually replace them and get replacement windows for your home.


Cracks can start small and get worse overtime as the interior temperature of your house and the weather outside fluctuates. What used to be a barely noticeable crooked seem in the center of your window could eventually span the entire length of the glass. This process greatly weakens your window to adverse weather and will probably kindly allow rain through on even an average wet weather day.

Bad From The Start

For whatever reason, you may have windows that were a bad choice from the start. Perhaps you live in a cold climate and for some reason, the prior homeowner installed single pane windows out of ignorance. Maybe they are cheap and poorly designed for your location. Windows must be designed for the weather and any adverse conditions of your home otherwise they are ticking time bombs.

Energy Efficiency

Having warped or poorly installed windows with the wrong design can cost you dearly on energy efficiency. Some say that having properly installed windows can save you up to fifty-percent on energy costs.

Damage To Mechanics

Sliding windows have a propensity to fail over time. Natural wear and tear, damage from being derailed and improperly reinstalled or window locks being damaged beyond repair. If you can no longer open, or even worse, close your window you probably already have a contractor on the way.

You Just Want New Windows

This is a valid reason. You do not have to spend twenty years staring out of a window you hate while trying to enjoy your morning coffee. Something as little as a style change to your dining room window can add to your value of life for years to come.

It Is Time

Windows are designed to last anywhere between twenty and forty years. They aren’t designed to last forever and you will only have to shell out more and more cash to maintain them, as they get older. By this time they may even have wood stain on them from siding jobs, scratches from years of hail, cracks from BB guns and a nasty warp happening in the bottom right corner. If you cannot see out of the window anymore it sort of defeats the purpose of having one.

It’s One Of The Little Things

Windows are one of the things in your life you do not realize how much you love until they have an issue. They are crucial to keeping your home warm while saving you money. They help you keep your family safe by having a view of your surroundings and they let the sunshine into your home. If you think it is time to replace your windows, let All Point Construction give you a free quote on replacement windows for your Trenton Michigan home at 734-407-7110.