When your home windows are not performing as they should it not only means you’ll be less comfortable in your home but they actually cost you each and every day. When a window is not performing well or if it’s a low quality window which is what most new homes have especially if they were built as ‘spec’ homes. You’ll want to check your windows even if they are not that old to ensure your home doesn’t have low quality windows that are costing you more and more in energy costs as well as home value. In this article I’ll give you some signs that your windows may be of low quality and why it matters so much. 

Top Signs Your Windows May Be of Low Quality and Need Replacement

When your windows are not up to standards it can allow the insulation factor of the window to dramatically decrease. This means that the window will not hold temperatures inside the home as it should and it will also allow temperatures from the exterior of the home to affect the interior temperature. They may also allow air to directly come into the home which can really be terrible for energy efficiency and cost you more in energy costs. In the following article I’ll go over some of the things you should look for with your windows to see if they are affected.

Top Signs Your Windows May Be of Low Quality and Need Replacement

Does the Window Open Easily and Stay Up?

The windows in your home should open easily without much effort. They should also stay at the place you stop. If the window slams back down or it has to be ‘shimmied’ to get the window to open you’ll certainly want to replace it. The track can be damaged and allow air to pass through which is usually due to failed track components or simple wear in the track. This can actually be dangerous in the event of a fire and you went to the window to escape. Making sure you can escape using the window should also be considered if it’s difficult to open.

Cracks and Gaps in the Window Seal

Many times the track will be damaged and there will be a visible crack where the sash meets the window frame. This crack may be small and only a fraction of an inch but keep in mind if all your windows were like this and allowing air to escape and come in your home all day every day and you can see just how much of an impact this can be.

Bad Corners on the Windows

Many times on lower quality fiberglass and vinyl windows there is a weld spot on the corner of the window that can crack and make the frame separate. This is usually found on lower quality windows and most medium quality or higher quality windows don’t have this problem. Wooden windows can also be affected by this but usually there are other problems associated with wooden windows that are separating like this.

Windows Have Blown Glass

Windows today usually have two or three panes of glass per sash. There is pressurized gas in between the glass to help insulate the window. When the seal that holds this pressurized gas breaks and allows the gas to escape it significantly cuts down on the windows energy efficiency. It also means that condensation can now enter between the windows panes which can cloud the view out of the window and also start depositing stains which make the window much less clear to see out of.

Single Pane Windows

Having blown windows in your home is bad but if you have single pane windows installed it’s even worse. Even the highest quality single pane windows are not as energy efficient as the lowest quality double pane windows. If your home has single pane windows installed then adding new replacement windows to your home can give it a significant boost in energy efficiency and they should be replaced.

Get an Estimate on New Replacement Windows in Your Home

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