Replacement windows in Downriver Michigan are one of the best investments you can make on your home. With the added home value and decreased monthly energy bills, the decision is easy to make. Windows can be single, double or triple panes in thickness to make your home more energy-efficient. With double pane windows, you are looking at an energy savings of around 18 percent in summer and 24 percent in winter. But will triple-pane windows really make that much of a difference? If you want to know whether or not it is worth spending the extra money on the triple pane windows, it is important to consider the pros and cons.

How To Decide Whether Triple Pane Windows Are Right For You

Why Do You Need Multiple Pane Windows?

As mentioned above, double pane windows offer you quite a lot of savings when it comes to energy bills. But greater efficiency isn’t the only positive from multiple pane replacement windows. Because of the added thickness, you will also have an easier time blocking out noisy neighbors. Sound reduction means no more stressing about blaring car radios as they drive by, or worrying about your movie disrupting the neighbors’ night.

There is also added security with more than one window pane. The greater thickness means that a rogue frisbee or neighborhood troublemakers will have a much harder time getting through to your home’s interior. And if one pane is cracked, you still have a standing pane to protect your home.

How To Decide Whether Triple Pane Windows Are Right For You

What Benefits Come With Triple Pane Windows?

If you install triple pane windows you can expect to see many benefits for your home. We have outlined some of those benefits below:

Greater Energy Efficiency

Because double pane windows offer so much efficiency, it can be assumed that another pane would be better. Rather than two panes of glass with gas filled in between them, you have three panes and two separate gas-filled spaces. That means greater insulation to your home and a harder time for heat and cold air to transfer through. The two gas chambers also means you have double the roadblocks for air to get through before getting inside or out. While the savings will not be a huge amount greater than the double pane, there will be increased savings and that means money in your pocket.

Greater Soundproofing 

The additional pane of glass provides your home with greater insulation. Insulation is going to not only make it harder for temperatures to be affected, but will make your home a quieter place. Noise from outside will have a much harder time coming in, and the noise from in your home will not make its way out. This means no more worrying about playing a show or song too loud, or noisy neighbors ruining your night. For pet owners or parents of small children, this soundproofing is also incredibly helpful during thunder storms or firework shows. It will reduce the noise coming in and help make sure that everyone stays calm.

Less Condensation

Because there are three separate panes of glass, there is greater separation from the inside and outside temperature. That means your windows are less likely to experience condensation in your home. This is important because condensation can mean moisture sitting on your windows, making it easy for frames like wood to warp, rot and mold.

What Are The Downsides Of Triple Pane Windows?

The upfront cost of triple pane windows can definitely be a problem for those on a budget. But if you live in very cold climates, climates that experience extreme weather conditions, or climates that can negatively affect the inside of your home, you should seriously consider triple pane. You should also consider how long you plan on staying in your home. If you plan to only stay a few more years, then it probably isn’t worth it. But if you plan on decades in the home, triple pane windows should strongly be considered.

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