There are many home improvement projects that may not seem to make much sense until you consider all of the factors. One of those home improvement projects is replacing your home’s windows with newer more energy efficient windows. Even when your windows may seem like they are functioning properly they may need to be replaced by professional windows contractor in Lincoln Park Michigan. The signs I have listed in this article can help you determine if you should consider replacing your home windows. 

Don’t Overlook These Signs Your Home Windows are Failing in Lincoln Park MI

It’s best to check all the windows in your home to determine just what shape they are in and if they need replacing. For home windows you can replace only a few windows if needed. However, if a few of your home’s windows are beginning to fail chances are more of them will fail and you’ll need to have them all replaced for best results. If your home’s windows have any of the signs below be sure to have a qualified home improvement contractor check them to be certain and install replacement windows in your home.

Don't Overlook These Signs Your Home Windows are Failing in Lincoln Park MI

Blown Glass in the Windows

Most windows today have multiple panes of glass in the window sash. These multiple panes have an air pocket in which pressurized inert gas is placed. This helps the window insulation factor and improves it’s energy efficiency. Many times however on older windows the seal in the sash will leak or break causing the pressurized gases to escape. Once the pressurized gases escape it allows air and condensation to enter between the glasses. This is known as the sash or glass being blown. The window loses much of it’s energy efficiency and the glass is no longer clear. Blown glass is common in older, lower quality windows.

If your home’s windows are not multiple glass panes then the energy efficiency rating of the window is really low and replacing the windows is almost always advised. Single pane windows are one of the lowest quality in terms of energy efficiency.

Mold or Moisture on the Interior of the Windows

Although the glass allowing condensation to enter is a common problem other parts of the window can be problematic as well. One area to look for signs of problems is on the frame of the window. Moisture can make its way around the window and start to cause problems. For moisture that has been on the window for extended time you may even see mold start to form. Larger amounts of mold in the home will require the use of a mold remediation contractor to remove. It’s certainly not something to take lightly if you have mold around your home’s windows.

Consider the Safety Factors of the Windows

While upgrading your home windows because of energy efficiency or appearance is certainly a great reason, one factor that many people don’t consider is just how safe the windows are. Your home’s windows need to open and close easily and if they don’t you can have serious problems in case of an emergency. They also need to open and stay open if needed. Windows that fall shut can be dangerous. Plus, you’ll also want to regularly inspect the locking mechanisms on the windows to make sure they are locked properly and tamper resistant.

Older Windows are Less Energy Efficient

Window technology has come a long way in the past twenty years. The windows that are manufactured today have a much higher energy efficiency rating than those manufactured just twenty years ago. So even if the windows in your home are performing as they should and don’t have any other problems you still may want to consider replacing them based on the the energy efficiency of the windows. All windows sold today have the energy efficiency rating displayed on them so you can determine just how energy efficient the windows are.

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