Are single hung windows in Downriver Michigan right for you? That’s the question some have asked and really the answer depends on your budget, taste, and home style. Single hung windows are simple and raise open from the bottom. They are also on the lower end of price. If you are trying to decide if these windows are right for you, have a look at the pros and cons of single hung windows in Downriver Michigan below:

Single Hung Windows in Downriver Michigan Pros

Lower Costs – Buying single hung windows will save you money. These windows are the cheapest of the different window styles. If you have a low budget and need to replace your windows, you should probably consider these windows.

Easy Installation – Single hung windows are easy to install. They don’t require all the work bay windows, specialty windows and other windows require.

Energy Efficient – Like most windows, the single hung windows will cut down on your heating and air bill. They come with great weather stripping that will help keep the drafts out and keep the heat or air in.

Cheap Replacement – When it comes to replacing single hung windows, it is a lot cheaper. For example, if a pane breaks, it will be cheaper to replace the pane.

Single Hung Windows in Downriver Michigan Cons

Ventilation – With the single windows, only the bottom slash raises so you won’t have as much ventilation as you would with double hung windows.

Cleaning – You will also find that cleaning these types of windows are difficult as well. Since only the bottom raises and neither panel tilts out, it is difficult to clean them. In order to clean the outside, you will have to go outside and probably use a ladder to clean both the top and bottom.

As you can see, there are a few pros and cons to using single hung windows in Downriver Michigan. It really all depends on your taste and budget. If cleaning windows are tough on you, you may want to spend a little extra and go with the double hung windows. They are a lot easier to clean. If you are looking for a window that provides a lot of ventilation, you probably shouldn’t choose single hung windows. However, if you are just looking for low price windows and windows that are easy to install, single hung windows would definitely be a good option for you.

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